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El Chupete 2022 presents its last campaign

The International Children's Communication Festival El Chupete has launched its most rebellious campaign to date, under the name #ElChupetedelaPaz, which leaves no one indifferent.


  • El Chupete launches its most rebellious campaign to date, under the name #ElChupetedelaPaz.

Redacción a 14 de septiembre de 2022

The Festival assures that "this year the objective is to give El Chupete the recognition and position it deserves within the sector and for that reason, in collaboration with Manifiesto we have created an irreverent and groundbreaking campaign".

The aim of #ElChupetedelaPaz is to give the sector something to talk about, to shake it up. And the creative way to develop the concept is by echoing current controversial actors, but also in the children's field, assimilating the pacifier not only to a prize, either in childhood or in the professional field, but also to a "soother", an object that gives peace to those who carry it and to those around them when they have tantrums. And that, without a doubt, as the campaign says "The world needs more pacifiers".

The campaign consists of a spot, digital and social media materials as well as three versions of graphics.

El Chupete de la Paz 2022 - Personaje 1
El Chupete de la Paz 2022 - Personaje 2
El Chupete de la Paz 2022 - Personaje 3

About El Chupete

El Chupete is an independent institution promoted by professionals from the world of communication and education, whose main objective is to promote responsible child communication and encourage creativity in children.

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