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II AMKT-El Chupete Talks - "Breaking Stereotypes".

El Chupete celebrates Women's Day "Breaking Stereotypes" in its II AMKT-El Chupete Talks where three success stories were presented, winners of the last edition of the El Chupete Children's Communication Festival, which had the theme #GirlPower.

8th March of 2022

  • During the forum, three success stories were presented, winners of the last edition of the El Chupete Children's Communication Festival, which had the theme #GirlPower and which have broken stereotypes in relation to gender gaps, objectification, sex and religion, among others.
  • The protagonists of this II AMKT-El Chupete Talks took part in a round table discussion where the need to break the stereotypes still present in society and to advocate for an equal education without taboos was highlighted.
Last Tuesday, the second edition of the AMKT-El Chupete Talks took place at the MEEU Space, a scenario in the form of meetings between professionals that helps to strengthen the El Chupete brand as a specialist in children's communication, address issues and trends that can generate a debate through collaboration with media and related associations. During the day, and after a brief presentation by Víctor Conde, general director of AMKT, three success stories were presented, winners of the last edition of the El Chupete Festival, which had the slogan #GirlPower, without a doubt a more than appropriate theme to celebrate International Women's Day. The forum "Breaking Stereotypes" also wanted to make reference to this special day "where fortunately we are getting closer to what should be equality". The opening was in charge of Germán Silva CEO of Pink Lab who presented his experience with FAD, a work under the title “Por no, porno“. "A difficult brief full of limits that we transformed into challenges, such as the limitations of social media when talking about pornography, addressing parents instead of teenagers and making that language relevant to everyone, dealing with something delicately, but being incisive at the same time. However, the concept was clear "what happens by not educating," Silva explains.
In turn, Beatriz Martín de Padua, Director General of FAD wanted to remind us that "today, March 8th, it is essential to talk about pornography, because of its exploitative nature, and because it contributes to perpetuating the objectification of women. Seven out of ten young people between the ages of 10 and 13 consume pornography, most of them with violence, and on occasions, this model of conduct that they consume in pornography is transferred to their behaviour". On the other hand, Quique Infante, producer of Aprendemos Juntos de BBVA explained his platform "Aprendemos Juntos", which was born from a reflection: our children's education lacks things. "Fortunately, to make this a reality, a platform that believes that education can improve and a brand that is committed to it came together, and that is when we created Aprendemos Juntos, a platform where we designed a series of educational and inspirational methodologies and shared them with the schools. One of them, "Everything will be fine" is based on a story, the only weapon so powerful that allows us to imagine something better, afirma Quique Infante. Cerrando esta primera parte, se presentó "Barbie Astronaut" was presented as the best toy of El Chupete 2021. Celine Ricaud Head of Marketing at Mattel Spain. "Barbie was born from the need to have a doll that represents to girls all that they can become". Under this premise, Barbie is launching the #LetsStopTheDreamGap movement. Dream Gap refers to the limiting beliefs that girls develop about themselves and self-limit themselves by identifying some professions as masculine. That is why Barbie seeks to highlight women from the past and present, as well as female references in STEM careers and those who have broken barriers in their field.
To conclude, the protagonists of this II AMKT-El Chupete Talks participated in a panel discussion moderated by Renato del Bino, founding partner at Nort3 Márketing Epidermico. One of the issues discussed was whether, today, pornography is more than a moral or ethical problem, it is a clinical problem. "Watching pornography at a very early age, when you do not yet understand the expectations we have when it comes to relationships, can establish erroneous relationship models" explained Beatriz Martin, general director of FAD.the need to internalise the importance of profit, people and planet, and that if we do not understand the future of brands without these premises, a future of quality will not be possible". For his part, Christian Haltermann, co-director of El Chupete unveiled at the farewell party some of the novelties that this new year of El Chupete will bring with it, he said that we will soon know the name of the person who will occupy the position of President of the Jury 2022. In addition, following the premise of raising awareness and highlighting certain implications with society, as a novelty in this AMKT-El Chupete Talks, the attendees were informed of the active role that El Chupete has in terms of sustainability, as it was given the possibility to measure the carbon footprint and be increasingly sustainable.

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El Chupete celebrates Women's Day "Breaking Stereotypes" at its II AMKT-El Chupete Talks

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